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12th Suffolk hopefuls talk issues, qualifications during Lower Mills Civic meeting

By Katie Trojano

Dorchester Reporter

Brandy Fluker-Oakley said she’s always been an agent for change, and has a passion for public policy, education and social work. After graduating from Boston Latin School she went to Syracuse University majoring in social work and added a policy degree to her curriculum.

“I had a passion for education and I intended to make education policy and be a classroom teacher. I taught for several years in Baltimore City….and I realized that all of our systems do not operate in silos but are all interconnected,” she said. “Whether is be education, housing, criminal justice, healthcare and so many others, I recognized that all of these systems were disadvantage to our students.”

Fluker-Oakley graduated from law school at Emory University in Atlanta and moved back to Boston, becoming a public defender.

“You see first-hand all of the systemic inequities that each of the candidates have highlighted this evening. I saw that those who aren't served well by our education system are served very well by our criminal justice system,” said Fluker-Oakley.

She’s spent the last 10 years of her career as a budget advocate.

“I’ve built relationships in City Hall and the State House,” she said. “It’s my knack for building relationships and bringing people together that I intend to represent the 12th Suffolk District to ensure that every single one of our communities thrive together.”

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