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Why I'm Running

I am running to be the State Representative of the 12th Suffolk District because I believe that our community knows what we need in order to thrive. Our district is racially and economically diverse. We need a leader who will build authentic relationships with community members and elected officials in order to make the change we want to see.

I am a Boston-native who has received my higher education outside of Massachusetts at Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY), The Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD), and Emory University School of Law (Atlanta, GA). I will leverage my diverse experiences to serve the district I call home. 

Living in different cities and working in government, business and nonprofit has given me the skills necessary to work effectively across lines of difference to achieve a common goal. The 12th needs a leader who is able to communicate effectively with residents, hear their concerns, facilitate solutions at the state-level, and work with colleagues across the Commonwealth in order to make the changes we want to see in our neighborhood. I am that leader.

In my years working on state-wide and city-level policy issues, I have learned our budget and legislative processes. By building relationships and listening to the needs and concerns of community members and hearing their ideas, I have coordinated and collaborated with other groups and organizations in order to secure over 10 million dollars in funding at both the state and city level in order to fund more guidance counselors and social workers to support and address the trauma of our public school students. It is with this spirit of partnership, collaboration, and tenacity that I will bring results to the 12th as your State Representative.

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